1 * Decarcerate women in Pennsylvania prisons and jails

2 * Pass the Dignity Act: a package of legislation in Pennsylvania for local jails and state penitentiaries, with a strategic focus on HB 1014, HB 1002, and HB 1008

3 * Develop impacted womxn as leaders and organizers on their own issues

4 * Build solidarity with criminal justice reform, reproductive justice and women’s rights advocates

5 * End the school to prison pipeline by demilitarizing schools and educating young women, trans, and gender nonconforming people about their bodies, trauma, and supporting student rights movements

6 * Integrate leadership and formerly incarcerated mentorship as reentry services to prevent recidivism

7 * Decriminalize drug use and sex work.

8 * Expand diversionary and rehabilitative programs and support harm reduction

9 * Use “Artivism” (activism + art) to humanize the experience of currently and formerly incarcerated women

10 * Heal generational trauma of formerly and currently incarcerated women through mental health care and therapeutic support