Reproductive justice — feminine hygiene products

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Reproductive justice

“The core values of Reproductive Justice include the human right to parent with dignity and to live in communities that are free from state-sanctioned harm and family separation. Black people in Pennsyvlania are 9 times as likely as their white counterparts to be incarcerated, which comes with disproportionate harm to Black families and entire communities. As we fight collectively to dismantle the pervasive harm of mass-incarceration and the criminal justice system on multiple fronts, we call on you, our Pennsylvania legislators to take action to protect the Dignity of Incarcerated women and mothers. Re-introduction of the The Dignity Act package is one step in the right direction, and there is much more work to be done.”


Feminine Hygiene Products

PA House Bill 1008 would require that the state provide free feminine hygiene products to incarcerated women, and that those women must not be required to show a need for the products in order to receive them. Options will include at least two sizes of tampon and two sizes of pads. This bill is sponsored by Elizabeth Fielder (D-Philadelphia) and referred to the House Judiciary Committee (April 2, 2019)