Mission statement

Dignity for everyone.


The Dignity Act Now campaign is a campaign by Mary’s Daughter 501(c)(3) for the formerly incarcerated. We envision for the future: ending the school-to-prison pipeline; re-entry services that reduce recidivism and ease the transition back into communities; better diversionary programs that reduce the prison population; basic rights to those currently incarcerated; restorative justice practices; abolishing cash ball, mandatory minimums, excessive sentencing, and solitary confinement; decriminalizing addiction and sex work; holding COs accountable for their crimes against incarcerated womxn. We can use our collective voice to leverage our power and apply political pressure to effect change.

Dignity Act is a legislative package which aims to provide alternative postpartum housing for mothers who are imprisoned, require women’s state prisons to train staff in trauma informed care, provide free and accessible feminine hygiene products, establish a more efficient system to connect incarcerated women to all available benefits, including healthcare, job-skill training and placement and transition resources prior to release, and expand calling time for incarcerated parents who deserve to parent with dignity and to communicate regularly with their children.

Tampons and other menstrual products should never be considered a “luxury,” but a basic human right for people who are incarcerated.
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